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May 31st, 2018

As engaged couples approach their big day, one way to help share all the exciting details with their loved ones is to create their own wedding website. The purpose of a wedding website is to allow a database of information for their friends and family to see. Many wedding websites include engagement pictures, the couple’s story, and bridal party. The main reason couples rely on their website is for the RSVP, registry, and travel accommodations. Guests can submit their RSVP, browse the wedding registry, and look at the travel and hotel accommodations that a couple suggests. The Bride and Groom can have fun making their wedding website unique and personalized to the character of their relationship and wedding.

However, the plethora of templates to create your website can be overwhelming, so we’ve done the research for you. Below are Something to Remember’s most recommended wedding websites.

Free Wedding Websites

1. The Knot:

The Knot is our favorite site to create your own wedding website. There is an ease and convenience to personalizing your site. When you sign up, the Knot gives you access to 10-15 deals and coupons through their site: including brands such as Men’s Warehouse and Minted.

The Knot Wedding Website Dashboard

In addition, The Knot walks you through each step of the process helping make your wedding website as in-depth as possible: including sections for guests to leave notes, RSVP, registry, cash fund, and travel accommodations. You can also buy a personalized domain for easy search-ability. Also, some of the design templates have matching invitations that you can purchase through Minted.

The Knot Wedding Website Preview

2. With Joy :

With Joy is a free site created to help you make your wedding website. The site uses recognizable logos to help you navigate and create.

With Joy dashboard

Furthermore, ‘With Joy’ has many options to add onto your page including information, pictures, RSVP, registry, and travel. Another appealing feature of this cite is that it allows you to preview the layout of your wedding website for both the web and on a phone screen. By other sites, this is often overlooked. Because of this feature, it will allow your guests to access information from their pocket. In the app, guests will need to have your event code, and then they can access all of the information. The website templates flow with ease and are simple to read and access.

With Joy preview

3. Wedding Wire :

Additionally, Wedding Wire is a great website for all things ‘wedding’, including your website. Similar to The Knot, this site offers you deals and coupons to sites and stores that you may use for your wedding, when you sign up. When creating your wedding website, many of the templates you can choose from have the option to purchases matching invitations. Wedding Wire’s dashboard has options for you to add or remove: travel, RSVP, guestbook, registry, and about us. You can also customize your URL or purchase a custom domain: bride&
Wedding Wire dashboard

Another added bonus to Wedding Wire’s design is that they allow you to preview your site for a desktop, tablet, and mobile.Wedding Wire Preview

Renting a Wedding Website

1. Minted:

Minted offers both a free and a premium option for your wedding website. The biggest problem is that without the premium option you cannot upload your own pictures. This takes away from the personality of the website. However, it does offer RSVPs, mobile preview, guest list, and registry. The free option also offers designs that have corresponding Save the Date templates. With the $20 premium fee, you receive photo options, custom pages, privacy, and custom URL. With a custom URL, you can make it easier for your guests to find your website.

Minted dashboardMinted preview

2. Riley & Grey:

Another wedding website creator that you have to pay for it Riley & Grey: $35 a month or $240 for a year. Riley & Grey offers beauty atheistic and easy to read scrolling. With options to add RSVP, registry, travel, and information. They also have the mobile preview along with the desktop preview and a personalized domain.Riley and Grey Dashbaord

3. Apply Couple:

Apply Couple is another paid site that many of our Something to Remember couples use. They have a wide variety of design options, and for $49 you receive unlimited access. They also allow you to create your own URL and preview the mobile view.Apply Couple dashboard

Whatever wedding website you choose Something to Remember Events is glad to help make your day special.

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