New Outdoor Wedding // The Campfire Experience

January 23rd, 2019
new outdoor wedding

Are you looking to have an outdoor wedding? Want nature to be a central part of your celebration? BUT struggling to make your experience different then the classic rustic barn wedding? Check out this company that brings together elegance, nature, and community – for the ultimate new outdoor wedding experience.

The Campfire Experience

When I first clicked on The Campfire Experience, I was a little hesitant. But once I saw the incredible things this company does I got so excited about this fantastic company! The ladies behind the scene at The Campfire Experience are also pretty awesome – we love working with other #girlbosses in Columbus!

The Campfire Experience works for weddings and events- they bring in custom tents, fires, lounges, and more. The company is surrounded by the idea of bring together people in connection and community. I love this idea, especially in terms of a wedding or group event.

When you’re planning your wedding, you are inviting your people, your tribe. It is such a fun idea to have a campfire during your reception- come together and eat sticky s’mores, tell stories, joke around, and be filled with warmth inside and out as you are embarking on your greatest adventure yet. Imagine sleeping under the stars after your wedding, and having your closest friends and family sleep in individual tents surrounding you. If you’re not into the camping tents – consider a really unique lounge or bar area. So many unique opportunities with this concept…and we love it!

New Outdoor Wedding Structures

Bridal Suite




“From the initial correspondence to execution, we loved how hassle-free the whole process was, and with perfect results. It was great to not have to stress about something that weekend! 🙂 We also loved the decor and vibe of the tent. It was so nice to have a welcoming and cozy space just for us after our reception. ”
— Nicole E.

Boho or Traditional Lounge

Tented Bar


Wedding Villages

We would LOVE to help you plan your new outdoor wedding for your special day! Please contact either of our planners for more information!

Photography credit: Addison Jones Photography

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