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November 11th, 2014

Wedding Photography : More Than Just Pictures

Let me preface this by saying I am a wedding photographer. However, I’m not writing in any way to plug my craft and services. I want to touch on wedding photography and how your choice in photographer will impact your wedding in more ways than just the visual memories.

We know that weddings are deeply personal with all couples. Personality is present more so today than anytime before. Couples are personalizing everything about their wedding; dress, style, texture, venues, vendors, mood and tone of their day. It’s no longer the day of choosing the church you grew up in for the ceremony and the basement hall for the reception. Venues and style are all becoming so much more reflective of the couples we see. Weddings are emotional. They’re intimate. They’re personal. And personal is a good thing.

Use that vision in selecting your photographer. Pretty pictures are good. In fact, they’re a must when selecting a professional photographer and you should settle on nothing less than that. Forget your uncle Bob. Let him relax. Think about quality, style and the mood detected in images. Choose a photographer that not only takes pretty pictures but more importantly one that you connect with and that captures the tone of your wedding day. That connection leads to comfort which breeds emotion, mood and life. These qualities turn “cheese” into impactful. These qualities are crucial in keeping and passing on breath filled memories. It’s the extra something that shows what love feels like. It’s what your grandchildren will use as their vision of bliss, longing, happiness: love.

These things are important.

It’s important because wedding photography is such an intimate art. Couples are inviting us into one of the most significant and personal day of their lives; the thing that families are built from. We’re being asked to document everything about this momentous day: from a bride’s preparation at her childhood home to beautiful and emotion filled portraits, embraces between family and friends, laughs, tears and the overwhelming sense of love and affection you feel when entering your reception. We’re among you. We’re with you; sometimes close enough to feel what you feel and sometimes down wind anticipating what’s about to happen. We’re invested in marriage and your wedding. We’re loving every minute of it. We are people and we are personal.

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