Nontraditional Wedding Guest Book Ideas

November 14th, 2014

One of my favorite parts of attending a wedding is writing a note to the newlyweds. I know for my own future wedding I want to incorporate a fun, unique way for my guests to share their wishes. After all, these notes are treasures one can keep forever.

There is always the traditional blank book guests can sign. However, over the years there seems to be a trend of couples stepping outside the box with new interactive guestbooks for guests to partake in.

Two important factors while choosing a type of guestbook are to consider your personality and wedding theme.

After attending and working multiple weddings in the past couple years (and a bit of research), I have found easy, fun and creative alternatives than your traditional guestbook.

BOOK OF A HOBBY OR INTEREST // Pick a published book you and your fiancé share a common interest in. Whether it is a cookbook, a book about the university you both attended or a wine book, guests can write their loving thoughts on the margins. These types of guestbooks are always great to display in your home post wedding as well.

GAME NIGHT // If you and your fiancé are all about game nights, you can even incorporate this pastime into your wedding. I have seen couples step away from a traditional guestbook (or a book at all!) by using Jenga blocks for guests to sign or large photos of the bride and groom in puzzle form, allowing guests to leave messages on the back of individual puzzle pieces. Northern Owl Creations from Etsy of course has amazing options, too! Both are fun ways to read notes years and years after the big day!


MADLIBS  // My cousin did this at his wedding and I LOVED it! At each table setting were a pen and interactive madlib for guests to fill out. Example sentences included, “In 10 years you picture us _____” and “The key to a happy marriage is _______.” Just make sure you have a basket to collect each madlib so you can create your own “guestbook” after the wedding! There are numerous websites out there with free templates, like Something Turquoise.

TRAVEL IN LOVE // If you and your fiancé enjoy traveling, displaying a world map or globe for guests to sign is inexpensive and shows a meaningful hobby. Guests can sign where they live, places they have traveled and places they wish for you to visit some day!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS // If you are like me, you know how awesome calendars are to keep organized. A custom calendar made for the year after your wedding is a great signing tool for guests to write their wishes. It is not only fun for you to read as the year progresses, but guests have the choice of which meaningful day to share a message!

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE // Patience is key with this type of “guestbook”! I have seen this type of guestbook primarily with wine bottles, but all you need is printed labels reading a certain anniversary year to place onto bottles, pieces of scroll paper and pens. Guests have the option of which anniversary to leave you a message for and you do not open each bottle until that certain anniversary arrives. Just keep each bottle in a safe spot year after year, and do not cheat! Online shopping sites like Etsy have a lot of great options!


WALL DÉCOR // Kill two birds with one stone with this idea! By providing a large wooden initial or wooden sign reading something like “The Samelsons est. May 4, 2013”, guests can share their loving thoughts AND you can showcase the sign as future home décor. The options are endless with different signage, but brides and grooms tend to pick items that match their wedding theme.


Xo, Brooke

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