Tuesday’s Tip of the Day

March 31st, 2015

Here is Tuesday’s tip of the day:

With spring here, I can’t help but only think of the bright tulips at the market stand waiting  to be taken home to adorn a small space.

If you are looking to lighten up the mood around your house, or you feel like you want to add a pop of color to your living room without killing your budget, buying fresh flowers will definitely achieve that.



Fresh flowers will not only add a nice touch to your home, but they also help to create a more peaceful and positive environment.

Always a sucker for a simple classy arrangement. Especially if it was given as a thoughtful gesture Detail shots are airy and uncluttered with subtle implications of  water nearby


So next time you go grocery shopping, or drive past a flower stand, try buying a bouquet and see how much of a difference they will make!



Photo Credit:  caribbeanlivingblog, asweetspoonful, bloglovin, cozycottagecute




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