Wedding Day Hairstyle Tips from a Pro

November 24th, 2015

Most brides want their look to be flawless on the most important day of their lives – you want to look the best you’ve ever looked, and you should!  That’s why I asked professional stylist, Shannon Goode, to give us her best tips for choosing the perfect wedding day hairstyle.  It’s not as simple as choosing the look you like best, you need to consider other factors to make the best decision so your hairstyle is perfect all night long!

Consider This When Choosing Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

When considering what hairstyle may inspire you on your wedding day there are several factors to consider.  Having options for one of the biggest days of your life is key.

Curly Bridal Hair by GoodeHair Setting curls Low bun with bump

Weather: Weather plays a huge part in the life and longevity of your big day do.

While there are lots of humidity resistant products available, rain and wind can do serious damage to a beautifully coiffed do.  Humidity, heat and rain are things to consider when looking for the perfect inspiration.  If the weather is going to be questionable, the best idea might be an updo of some sort.  Even if the style is half down with soft waves or pulled to the side in a bouncy curl pony, you may have more stay power than an all down style.  Hairspray is key. However, if it is rainy you will want to take extra caution not to get wet.

Timing: Knowing your timeline is key to having a dreamy wedding day.  Starting the day off with a stylist knowing how much time she has to style the wedding party is crucial.  A professional, experienced hair stylist will know exactly how much time to schedule for each person and how the process will look.

Letting your stylist know how your day will look is important.  Whether you are preparing for a first look, taking pictures with your wedding party outside, going directly to the ceremony location, or having a full day of pictures and events, your stylist should be able to provide a service that will carry you through your day with confidence.  That service may include touch ups throughout the day, a second style for the reception or simply a well secured and polished style that does the job in one shot.  

Texture: The texture of your hair makes a difference in how a style may look on you, as compared to the person in your inspiration picture.  Pinterest is one of the best places to find inspiration for bride and bridesmaid hair styles.  However, the color and texture of the hair may change the look of the style.

Fine hair or even thin hair can sometimes be difficult as far as holding any style other than an updo.  It can also be difficult to hide bob pins in finer/thinner hair.  However, an experienced stylist should have options and techniques to make just about any style do-able.

If the hair is naturally fairly straight and doesn’t hold curl well, it is best to assume that there is no magic formula. While an experienced stylist has some pretty great tricks, nothing can be absolutely guaranteed.

Length: Length can make the same style look drastically different.  Adding more length to a style can make it look bigger and fuller.  Depending on the length and texture of the hair, the same style can be created but look completely different.

Products:  Another factor to consider is if you like the use of product.  Use of hairsprays and other products to hold and create volume can make a really big difference in the life of a special style.  Products are used to create the texture and hold desired.  While hairspray is pretty much a must for a wedding day style, other products help with volume, smoothness, and texture.  There are powders for volume, sprays for hold, pastes for texture.  Hair stylists have an assortment of products at hand to create a lot of different looks that will last through the night.

There are many factors that may affect wedding day hair.  However, being prepared for the unexpected and hiring an experienced, professional stylist is the one of the best way to start your wedding day off right.

-Shannon Goode, GoodeHair

Photo credit from left to right:  Levi & Val, SummerLight, 222

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