Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party

September 4th, 2016

My son (like many other little boys) is OBSESSED with cars.  We have moved from the basic hotwheels to the Disney Cars movie and characters so it was a perfect theme for his 3rd birthday party.

We aren’t over the top type of people and stick to a pretty tight budget for our kids’ parties, so this is something that anyone can pull off!  We talked with Columbus Parent Magazine about birthday parties on a budget – check out the story when you’re done looking at our Cars themed birthday party!

Most of the decor are items we already had from a couple years of collecting paraphernalia.  We have a built in shelf that lends perfectly to displaying photos of Cohen and shelving for gift bags, toys, books, favors, etc.  This year, we just used all of our Disney Cars toys to fill the space.  I always create my own yearly information sheet that includes his favorite songs, books, foods, activities, and height & weight to recap the year.  We used plastic kids trophies from the party store (they were actually another reused item from our Kentucky Derby party a couple years ago) for additional detail.  Throw in some balloons, some racing checkered banners and some DIY paper items and you’ve got a complete Disney Cars themed birthday party design!

I’m always a fan of incorporating your food into your theme – you’re already going to spend the time and money on food so why not use it as a cute detail?  Our menu was simple for the kids – Bessy’s Sloppy Joes, Mater’s Taters (tater tots), Fruit Stop Lights, Luigi’s Pinwheels (veggie/ranch pinwheels) and Dip Sticks (summer sausage sticks).  Our main focus point of the party was the dessert display.  We used an old tire as the centerpiece, layered a gold charger topped with our birthday boy’s large cupcake surrounded by cars on top of the tire and surrounded it with our homemade cupcakes.  The cupcake toppers are DIY…and super cute!  We threw some chocolate covered donuts on the side to look like spare tires (they were an additional delicious treat for the guests as well)!

You don’t have to provide a favor for your birthday party guests, but we wanted the kids to be able to take something home so we attached cute little checkered flags to character cars and wrote each child’s name on the flag – and called them “Cohen’s Pit Crew”.  I also made a DIY Lightning McQueen car photobooth for the kids to take photos in – didn’t cost me a thing other than time.  I’ll admit the painting wasn’t easy and I’m no painter, but I think it turned out pretty good!

We love how it turned out and hope this inspires you to create your own cars themed birthday party…or whatever themed party you’re planning!  As usual for our personal parties – we didn’t have a professional photographer so no judgement on the photography skills please!

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