The Candle Lab – Captivate Wedding Guests With Candles

July 19th, 2018

You spend months looking for the right colored bridesmaids dresses, tasting food, listening to music for your first dance, but have you ever considered what you want your wedding to smell like? The Candle Lab, a store for personalized gourmet soy candles, wants to help you create the perfect smelling candle for your once in a lifetime day.

The Candle Lab

The Candle Lab is a store that allows you to create your own specialized candle. When you walk into the store, you are met with an entire wall with different scents. After going through and smelling many , you can pick a few scents to mix together to make your own candle.

Wedding on a Budget with The Candle Lab

Pop the Question:

Asking a bridesmaid and groomsman to be a part of your wedding day is almost as big of a deal as the proposal. A special way to ask your friends and family is to create your own scent to give them as a gift. They even offers personalized labels!

the candle lab wedding favors

Bachelorette Party:

The Candle Lab chooses their locations with purpose; each location is in a prime spot to spend your last night as a single lady. Enjoy dinner, a glass of wine, and a classy night with your ladies creating your own candle.Bridal party blush dresses

Luxury Wedding Ideas


Candle centerpiece with pearls

Memory is strongly connected to your sense of smell, and creating a smell that will remind people of your big day is so special. Bring your fiancé in for a fun date, and create the perfect candle. Then incorporate this into your centerpieces. The Candle Lab can help you customize the design and look of the candle to match your decor ideas.

The Perfect Favor:

Chalk board, honey favor

Everyone loves candles, and they will be a hit as a favor at your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even to all your guests on your special day. You can create memorable favors that people will adore. You can even put these in your welcome bags or thank you gifts.

Contact StR Events for more information. We’d be happy to help you find new ways to scent your day.

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