Engagement Dates- Special Nights With Your Soon-To-Be Forever

August 9th, 2018

As you date, get engaged, and get married, each stage of your relationship is different and wonderful. As your relationship grows, you feel and act differently. Engagement is an wonderful time as you are approaching forever. However, in this in-between stage you may crave special and exciting time with your fiancé your weekly movie night on the couch with a pint of ice cream may feel a little bland now that you have a ring on our finger. There are so many special engagement dates that you two can have away from the stress of planning a wedding, work, family and everything else vying for your attention.

Why Date Night Is Important


By going on and planning date nights into your daily lives, you are making a point to consistently connect with your fiance. When you have this connection time, a few things happen. You increase your communication and understanding of one another. You also reinforce your commitment to each other.

Keep The Spark Aliveengagement dates

At this point in your engagement, it’s possible that people have said a lot of discouraging things to you. People are telling you it gets worse from here, you’ll loose the connection and desire, kids change everything etc. Date night helps to push you consistently in a healthy direction, and by establishing this pattern now, when things are fairly easy, you will have a strong foundation for when hard times come.

Engagement Dates

PLAN A Romantic Night In

I know, I know, I just told you how I was going to suggest ideas of how to get away from your nights on the couch rut. Which is why planning is essential. In any relationship, intentionality is so important in making your significant other feel loved and special. So take turns planning a romantic night in. Think about what the perfect night for your fiancé is.

A home cooked dinner with candles and music? A picnic on the living room floor, remembering your first date and looking at old pictures? Opening a bottle of wine, turning on music, and dancing….in a few months you’ll be dancing in front of a lot of people, might as well get some practice in!

Take A Class Together

Don’t worry, this won’t involve a test at the end. Preparing for your new life can sometimes be stressful. You’re learning to combine finances, families, lifestyles. So take the time to learn something fun for your new life together. Take a cooking class, a dance class, a workout or yoga class, an art class, a basics in barista or bartender class. The list goes on and on.

Plan A Theme Date

These are TOO FUN! Pick a theme and run with it.

If you’re engagement is during the fall, then embrace that. Go for a hike, pick pumpkins, come home and drink apple cider out by the fire pit.

Plan an old fashion date. Dress up a little too nice. Have your fiancé come and get you from your front door. Stop by an ice cream shop and then end your night with a drive-in-movie.

The quarter theme. Do and go anywhere you can for a quarter. Start the evening early at an arcade, and then have drinks at a bar with a juke box.

Festivals & Fairs

If you live in the Columbus area, there are events constantly happened. Columbus Underground is a great resource to see events going on!

Attend a concert, free movie on the lawn, Gallery Hop, Jazz and Ribs fest…the possibilities are endless! Columbus is a wonderful place to sneak out for some alone time with your person!

Recreate Your Biggest Datesengagement dates

With so much to look forward to in your future, enjoy a nostalgic night together. Redo one of your most important dates. Decide together which one to do and then spend the night exactly the same way. Maybe it’s your first date, first I love you, first time in a city together? There’s no wrong answer! Allow yourself the time to remember and be grateful for the journey you’ve been on as a couple.

Add A Little Extra To Your Wedding Dates

If your lives just never seem to line up during this time, then add on to your engagement meetings.

When you meet with the florist, go out to a new exciting restaurant first. Before a Saturday morning consultation with your planner (perhaps with a Something to Remember planner?), explore a local coffee shop. When you’re downtown checking out venues, stop by some of the shops or bars.

Make these dates “wedding free times”. Of course all you want to do is talking about the lovely details of your upcoming day, but having set apart time to just be with each other will grow your love, connection, and intimacy. These dates will make, not only the endless meetings, but your big day so much sweeter!

Engagement is our favorite time! We’d love to hear how you’re making this a special and memorable time in life. Comment below your perfect engagement dates.


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