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April 27th, 2019

So you’ve picked your perfect dress and your perfect man, now it’s time to choose your bridal hairstyle. Our advice? Look at lots of photos! Take note of your style of dress and the formality of your event…but most importantly, make sure you choose a style that suits YOU!

Bridal Hair For A Low Neckline

A dress with a low neckline is a beautiful way to show of your décolletage, so you need to perfect bridal hairstyle to accent it. You don’t want to draw too much attention away, while also framing your face and gown. Try a tighter updo, with a low back bun.

Hairstyles For A High Neck Dress

We love a beautiful high neck dress. Try a soft updo with pieces falling down to frame your face. This will soften your look and make you look slim and graceful.

Or try a hair piece or birdcage to frame one side of your face. Choose a jeweled piece to pull in accents from your gown. You can find these at your dress boutique, Etsy or have one handmade just for you!

Hair For A Summer Wedding

Wearing your hair down and flowing can be just perfect. Your first thought may be that there isn’t much variation from your everyday look, for your big day – many brides worry that wearing their hair down isn’t “fancy enough”, but we say….if it’s you, then do it!

Try big voluminous curls, or loose beachy waves – just do whatever you love.

If you like the idea of wearing it down, but want to step it up a notch, pull it back loosely for an elegant touch.

Sweep your curls to the side and accent them with a beautiful pin.

Bridal Hairstyles with a Twist

Braids and twists are all the rage right now! Don’t be afraid to try one!

This gorgeous style has a half up half down look with a twist, has lots of volume and curls.

This intricate updo with side curls pinned into a bun is timeless with a modern twist.

Don’t be afraid of some bling either – it is your one wedding day after all.

Your bridal hairstyles should make you feel how you want to on your day – like a princess, chic, classic or bold – whatever it is, your stylist can make it happen! Above everything else (other people’s opinions, trends or wedding day vibe), style your hair in the way that will make you feel most beautiful and comfortable no matter what!

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