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April 9th, 2019
hydrate me

This past week, I had the incredible opportunity to go try and chat with the owner of Hydrate Me. Hydrate Me was started by Patti Holowicki when she was on a ski trip with her future partners, Scott and Lon, and drank too much the night before. After experiencing her first IV drip, and hitting the slopes right after, she was ‘hooked’.

New Way To Drink

Hydrate Me is a new and up and coming industry for health and wellness. It is an IV hydration spa. When you go into the building, you are met with a clean, natural, and hip aesthetic that makes you feel like you’re pampering yourself. There are two rows of lounge chairs and TVs sporadically throughout. First you meet with a paramedic who takes your vitals and asks you a few health questions. Then you choose your blend.

Each IV bag is one liter. Consisting of mainly saline and then the vitamin blend of your choice. A nurse practitioner makes each bag specially made for you and connects you. It was painless and easy.

One of their most popular blends is the “Party Bag”. This is a life changing new way to drink during your wedding weekend. You can get this drip before or after you’ve had a few drinks, and it will change your hangover-for many people completely removing it.

Bridal Packages

When I went to Hydrate Me, I got to chat with Patti, in their VIP room. This is where you and your bridesmaid can get IVs together. The space is so fun! You can come at anytime and bring all your own food and drinks. You can even bring in morning of mimosas, if you want! My favorite thing is that they can travel to you! They will bring everything to your hotel or spa, and you can get a pre-wedding drip that morning.

They also do botox on site, and have a bridal package that you start a month to six months away from your wedding. This includes anti-aging drips, hydration drips, botox, and mircoblading. This will help you look your most gorgeous self for your big day.

Our Recommendation?

Going to Hydrate Me was such a fun and unique experience. I would definitely recommend that everyone try it at least once, and it’s perfect for some much needed pampering during your wedding week. Afterwards, I felt so relaxed; I got to sit there and watch TV and just breath for an hour or so.

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