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May 24th, 2019
Cheer Up Press

Effortless, honest, and thoughtful

This month, our professional spotlight is featuring Cheer Up Press and the creative mind behind the beautiful stationery, Alaina. There’s nothing like going to another creative professional and throwing them ideas and inspiration, and then they bring it to life.  Alaina does that for us.  She takes what we try and articulate to her (not very well usually) and creates amazing stationery designs.  Read on to learn a little bit more from of our favorite girl bosses in town!

Where did the idea for Cheer Up Press start?

Cheer Up Press

To be honest, Cheer Up Press was not planned. When I began doing stationery and invitations in 2008, it served as a creative outlet from my regular job. I experienced such tremendous success early on, that it was a no-brainer to keep going. I’ve never really considered doing anything else, because creating and working with my hands has always felt like breathing to me; an effortless gift. Cheer Up Press has changed quite a bit since it began over 10 years ago. In 2012 I purchased an antique printing press, which has become the cornerstone of my business.

What is your ideal wedding client?

My ideal client is one who wants impeccable stationery, but also values nature, sustainability and deeply meaningful elements for their wedding day.

What are some unique styles Cheer Up Press can do?

Cheer Up Press

I love creating invitations that seamlessly incorporate both modern and classic typographic elements. Other unique options we offer are printing on deckled-edge paper, which is a huge trend right now that was once considered outdated, but is back in style! We also love adding leather elements to our suites. Leather cording and leather tags tied into the invitation suite are a couple favorites.

When first meeting with you, what things should a couple come prepared for in terms of ideas and questions?

Cheer Up Press

I think the best thing my clients can do to prepare for a first meeting is come with an open mind. You never know what will stand out and speak to you once you see it person. It’s also nice when clients have a general idea for what they like in terms of design, but it’s not required!

What is your favorite piece to design?

Cheer Up Press

Invitations, of course! A close second is bar signs, especially ones that incorporate personal elements, like signature drinks named after favorite pets or places.

One piece of advice to our wonderful couples

Be yourself and don’t follow the trends simply because they are trends. If something speaks to you, go with your gut. Ultimately I think this creates a more authentic experience for both you and your guests!

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